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About Minecraft

Markus Persson, a Swedish, video game designer and programmer, created this game in his free time while working for Jalbum as a developer. Once Minecraft became popular enough to serve as his full-time job, he founded Mojang (a developer firm).
Earlier video games like Dungeon Keeper (late 1990s), Dwarf Fortress (2006), and Infiniminer profoundly influenced his work. Exploring these games will give you a clearer sense of Minecraft's ancestry.
It was first released back in May 2009. As of 2014, Minecraft had over 100 million players from various parts of the globe. It has won innumerable awards and nominations.
In Minecraft, you'll basically mine (dig) and craft (build) various kinds of 3D blocks, all within a massive world of varying habitats and terrains to explore.

Minecraft's Appeal

The game immerses you in a world where the sun will rise and set as you're going about your work, collecting materials, making tools, and modifying others. There are rains and lightning storms, as well as animals you can farm, tame, or use as food.
Depending on the mode you choose to play in, you might need to fight for survival against bad guys, hunger, and danger. This platform appeals to almost everyone, from kids in elementary school to retirees. But, its exact appeal is not apparent to some people.

Which Genre(s) Does Minecraft Fall Under?

Minecraft can be categorized into three different genres of video games. These genres intertwine with one another in an exemplary way which, in turn, creates the experience that appeals to players, drawing in more and more people.

1. Open World Genre

First, Minecraft can be classified into the Open World game genre. In an Open World game, one's free to roam wherever they wish. The limits imposed on the player are very few. But, with most video games, you're only allowed to go where the developer intended you to (or where they've created space for your movement).

Markus Persson didn't want Minecraft to be like most other video games which are played in a rather linear fashion. If you see something in this game, then you can go ahead and explore it or interact with it.

2. Sandbox Genre

Minecraft can also be regarded to as a 'Sandbox' game. At times, the term 'Sandbox' is used interchangeably with 'Open World' to define games which allow the player to roam around the setting with few limitations. But, a true 'Sandbox' video game will be inclusive of tools which enable you to modify the setting.

Minecraft stands out as the virtual epitome of 'Sandbox' gaming. Regardless of how much or how long you play this game, making use of tools to interact with and modify your environment is the actual basis of the exciting experience.

3. Procedurally Generated Genre

Minecraft is a Procedurally Generated video game, as well. This aspect is essentially tied to the 'Open World' experience. A typical linear game will have some tunnel where the player goes from Point 1 to Point 10 in the course of gameplay.
Even games which look big and permit the player to makes choices about their next action and in which order are essentially linear. You'll start the game, follow the storyline, and arrive at the last point. The scope of such games is inherently limited.
Procedural Generation changes such dynamics as the game world (setting) is generated by algorithmic procedures. For instance, the Minecraft setting is effectively infinite. It's among the main aspects which highlight Minecraft's true allure. It's not just practically infinite in terms of size, but also in how one plays it.

Why It Intrigues Many People

The secret behind Minecraft's commendable success is that the game itself is a toolbox. It enables players to modify the game into the kind they'd love to play. You can create a game that seems focused on surviving, exploring, building, or all of those aspects.

Minecraft grants you the ability to build virtually anything, from race tracks, doll houses, and castles, to even rocket ships. Once you're familiar with the various tools and techniques in the Minecraft world, you'll have endless fun, filled with exciting building and adventure experiences.

On What Platforms can you Play Minecraft on?

Minecraft is widely popular. And, as you'd expect, the game has been adopted for a broad variety of platforms. But, the desktop one still carries the day as the most favored Minecraft version.

1. Minecraft PC Edition

It's Java-based and can run on any Mac, Linux, or Windows Java-installed machine. The PC Edition looks intuitively simple, credit to the minimalist leanings in the user interface and graphics. But, under the surface, the game is incredibly sophisticated, and the in-game physics and procedural generation might prompt for even beefier hardware.

As such, the PC Edition features an extended demo which developers highly recommend for those intending to purchase it. It'll help you determine if your PC is capable of providing a smooth and fun Minecraft experience.

Although it's the costliest of all the versions, the PC Edition is the most versatile option. It surely offers the most value for the buck, especially when you consider the diverse multiplayer servers, as well as how you can modify the game entirely using mod packs.

2. Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE)

Minecraft PE runs on iOS and Android devices. It costs much less than the PC Edition. Also, it's significantly less demanding, with regard to the minimum system requirements. It's a worthy option if you wish to play the game whenever you're on the go.

However, Minecraft PE has several fairly stiff restrictions. All content is kept separate from the Console and PC editions. For instance, it's set in such a way that the player can only use multiplayer servers which are intended for Minecraft PE.

3. Minecraft Console Edition (CE)

Copies of Minecraft CE are available for the Xbox and PlayStation platforms, as well. This version is tweaked particularly for the platform it's deployed on. For that reason, expect to get smooth play without having to worry about the hardware requirements.

The Minecraft CE is notably much more advanced than the Pocket Edition, with a closer resemblance to the PC Edition.

4. Minecraft Raspberry Pi Version

Minecraft has been ported to the popular Raspberry Pi, too. This edition is primarily intended to serve an educational purpose. It comes included with tools for enthusiasts and programmers to actually modify the game code.

It's based on the Minecraft PE, but includes the Creative Mode, while lacking the Survival Mode. The Raspberry Pi Edition is a viable option if you long for the thrill of breaking apart the game you're playing at its code level and transforming it as you desire.

Creating your Minecraft Account

It's the first step towards setting yourself up for the exciting experience Minecraft has to offer. You must first create a Minecraft account, regardless of whether you intend to play the game's demo or jump right to buying a copy. Follow the simple guidelines listed below to do that:

  1. 1. Head to and click on the 'Sign Up' tab
  2. 2. Provide a genuine email address as prompted
  3. 3. Create a password (select one that you can easily recall)
  4. 4. Await a verification email prompt from Mojang, which is Minecraft's parent company
  5. 5. Upon confirmation of the verification, you'll need to select your Minecraft username
  6. 6. Now, you can purchase your copy of the game. Minecraft provides for quite an extensive list of payment options, including MasterCard, Visa, and Paypal.
  7. 7. Alternatively, you may head to if you wish to download the Minecraft demo without selecting a username. You can only try the demo for 100 minutes, which is approximately 5 in-game Minecraft days. You're free to reset the demo, but you'll always be limited to the 100 minutes.
  8. 8. You'll then be required to download Minecraft and install it. Head to the download page ( You'll come across multiple options, including Minecraft.exe, Minecraft.dmg, and Minecraft.jar files. You should, thus, choose the appropriate download according to the platform you're running on.
  9. 9. Once the download completes, launch it
  10. 10. Key in your correct email address and password in the login prompt that pops up

Once logged in, you'll find multiple, important tabs. Such include:

  • Update Notes (ensures you're up-to-date with recent changes)
  • Local Version Editor
  • Development Console
  • Profile Editor

Minecraft's Gameplay

Minecraft doesn't have any specific goals to achieve or steps to follow. Each player has a different experience.
Upon launching a new game, an all-new Minecraft world is created. You're allowed to have as many of these settings as you wish. As such, you'll be able to choose the specific world in which you'd like to roam around.
These settings are large and filled with various kinds of terrain (biomes), creatures (mobs), and things to explore (like ravines and caves). Additionally, you can customize the way you experience each setting using the available options.
You can play by yourself (single-player) or with other players (multiplayer). Players walk around, punch things, jump, and dig as they roam around, mining, building, or farming for food and resources.

Minecraft Game Modes

Minecraft has different difficulty levels, ranging from Peaceful, Easy, and Normal, to Hard. Each of these has its own unique challenges and features. There are 4 distinct game modes to select from, too, as discussed below:

Creative Mode - It focuses on creative play. You'll have unlimited items and blocks to build with. You can't die in this mode. As such, nothing will pressure you to survive.

Survival Mode - You'll be required to find and build the things you need to avoid death by elements like hunger. You'll fight for your survival amidst attack from other hostile creatures. You're likely to come across aggressive mobs like zombies and spiders.

Hardcore Mode - It's much like the Survival Mode, except now you'll have one life only to live. In case you die, you'll lose all of your stuff. Further, the world you had built up and explored will be permanently deleted.

Adventure - It's a special mode that places certain restrictions on tools. For example, it might establish the need of a pickaxe to mine stone or a spade to dig dirt.

Playing the Multiplayer Game

Minecraft boasts a thriving, Web-based community, backed by thousands of servers. You need not play on remote multiplayer servers to have a rich, yet rewarding Minecraft experience. But, if that's what you're seeking, there are various ways through which you can play Remote and Local Minecraft.

Play Local Multiplayer Minecraft

By the term 'Local', we imply playing with other people who're on the same LAN. Minecraft PE players can host a game by just opening it to the local network. Herein, anyone on that Wi-Fi network can participate.

Minecraft CE players can turn on the split-screen multiplayer mode, allowing for tandem play using one console. Both the PlayStation and Xbox editions support up to 4 local players on one console via split-screen.

Besides, Xbox players can engage in LAN play, allowing up to 8 players if there's a second Xbox on that same local network. With the PC Edition, you can share a local Minecraft game using either of these options:

-Load a regular game and open it to a local network which others can join, or
-Host a local server

Play Online Multiplayer Minecraft

You can engage in remote multiplayer using either of these two ways:

-Public servers (can be accessed by anyone)
-Private servers (self-hosted or hosted by a certain Minecraft server hosting firm)

The latter will be the better route to follow if you want a persistent server that you can access from virtually anywhere. You can achieve that by simply signing up for Minecraft Realms (, the official Minecraft private server host. Alternatively, you can follow more advanced routes, like purchasing Minecraft hosting packages.
Using public servers is the most popular, where a player checks out the existing multiplayer servers and joins one that has a theme they can enjoy. There are servers for nearly any theme that's available.

Upgrade to Make the Most out of Minecraft

There's quite less to enjoy from a free Minecraft account. You'll need to purchase a premium Minecraft account or a Minecraft account upgrade.
That will allow you to experience the real deal of fun offered by this game. Players are continually pursuing Minecraft gift cards, which are available in various local stores and online marketplaces.
It has reached a point where the amount of cash you spend defines the excitement level you'll have. Don't get disappointed, though. It needs not be the case for you.
It's possible to experience the same exciting and top-notch gaming using a free Minecraft gift card code. It'll enable you to upgrade to a premium Minecraft account.

Watch out for Scam Sites

You'll come across multiple sites online which claim that they will give you free Minecraft gift cards and gift codes. Unfortunately, the Web is flooded with such, and most of these are nothing more than a scam.
Eventually, you won't get what they had promised you. And, you'll be left even more frustrated. But, thankfully, it's quite simple to determine whether a particular site is a scam or not.
Just look out for any red flags. One red flag is enough to deem a particular site a potential scam. Consider key factors like clarity, how long they've been doing that, what they get in turn, and what other users say about them.

Get Premium Minecraft for Free

We're glad to make you aware of our powerful and efficient Minecraft account generator. It has been designed to generate free Minecraft codes.
It's a rare opportunity to explore an even more beautiful world, going on exciting adventures with friends, stealing your attention for countless days and nights. It's a golden chance, especially for those who've no additional money to spend just for fun.

Redeeming Our Free Minecraft Activation Codes

These codes grant you full access to Minecraft. They're generally used as vouchers to download the game's full version. And, redeeming the Minecraft gift codes is incredibly simple. Follow the simple steps listed below:

  1. 1. Head to Mojang's account page (
  2. 2. Key in the email address you intend to associate the account with
  3. 3. Enter your password
  4. 4. Accept the given Terms & Conditions and hit the 'Register' tab
  5. 5. Now, navigate to the Redeem Page (
  6. 6. Sign in using the information you'd provided before
  7. 7. A pop up will appear, prompting you to redeem a Minecraft code for the game's full version
  8. 8. Key in the 12-character code, hit the 'Redeem' tab, and you're done!

Why are we Giving Away Minecraft Gift Codes for Free?

It's a question we've often been asked. This site occasionally hosts ads and promotions. Such are from other gaming advertisers. Simply put, advertisers finance the free Minecraft codes generated by our site. In turn, these are gifted to our site's visitors. As such, it's all entirely free.

Why Use our Free Minecraft Card Code Generator

  • It's entirely FREE. You're not required to pay anything to claim your free Minecraft gift codes
  • You can make use of this tool from VIRTUALLY ANY PLATFORM, including smartphones and tablets
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  • Each code is TESTED and VERIFIED to be GENUINE prior to generation
  • You're assured of your SAFETY as everything is Web-based. You won't be prompted to download any malicious file, virus, or anything of that kind.

Conclusion - Claim your Free Minecraft Premium Account

Minecraft has earned the love of millions of gamers. And, it'll undoubtedly remain among the most popular online video games. It's the modern or digital equivalent of the famous LEGOs.
It's addictive, but for the right reasons. Case in point, Minecraft serves as a medium through which one can express raw and unfiltered creativity.
Our free Minecraft gift codes enable players to explore the untapped regions of their imagination. Consequently, they're able to create what they, otherwise, would not have done.
What's holding you back from claiming your free Minecraft account? Follow the guidelines discussed above to enjoy the simple, yet immersive gaming experience. Create, explore, and battle in the massive, ever-expanding Minecraft Universe!


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